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Frequently Asked Questions:

When I turn my ears off my head became blank, what should I do?

Go to your profile page and turn your accessories off. If you care about your accessories use GIMP or Photoshop and make the part of the skin under the accessories transparent. (black zone in the picture below)

I can't see my skin, what should I do?

Go to your profile page turn you skin on, upload a valid skin, then go to the tutorial section, follow the tutorial you want and install the patch.

Does this support premium?

Of course, Minecraft premium account are supported.

How can I remove those squares on top of my head?

Go to your profile page and turn your ears off.

How can I delete my account?

Go to your profile page turn your skin, cape and ears off then turn your accessories on, theses settings have the same effect than deleting your account. This mean that the minecraft.net skin will be used, if you have one.